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Elton John

Act Of War

+INFO: Desconocido
PAÍS: Inglaterra
GENERO: Pop Rock

Acorde Gm*3

Acorde Eb*6

Acorde F
Acorde G
Acorde C
Acorde Bb
Acorde Dm7
Acorde D
Acorde Dsus4
Acorde Cm*3

Gm (x2 veces)    Eb            F 
F G C Bb F  F G C Bb F G C    F G C Bb F  F G C Bb F G C     
G G G G  
1. This ain't no battle honey, this ain't no fight. 
2. Well, you'd better believe it boy   this house is your home. 
3. Well I'm a man of convenience   I work a long hard day. 
4. Well if that's your game then honey two can play. 
Eb                                                     Dm7 
1. How come you take it so hard when I stay out all    night? 
2. I didn't build it up for you to live here on my     own. 
3. After twelve long hours, ain't I got the right to   play? 
4. I'm going on the town tonight and have some fun my  way. 
1. If I take a drink, is that against the law? 
2. And if you think it's easy to forget about me   
3. If living together is getting in the way  
4. Ain't no way baby this girl's gonna stay. 
Eb                                                         Dm7    Gm  
1.          And if I have a good time, do you call that an act of war? 
2. you'd better think twice   you'd better believe it's an act of war. 
                              3. Huh   then I call that an act of war. 
                                4. I call it, I call it an act of war. 
Chorus:  Gm 
  We're living on the front line you & me.   
Fighting on this battleground of misery. 
F                                                                   Gm 
Oh, go ahead, bring on your artillery and we'll make this an act of  
Give it all you've got `cause I'm all dug in. 
Keep the punches coming I can take them on the chin. 
F                                                                 Gm  
Winner takes all, let the best man win   and we call it an act of war. 
Eb                       F   
And it looks like time       ain't been on our side. 
Cm                              Dsus4              D               Gm 
If we could turn the clock back       we might survive this act of war.
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