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Eric Clapton

Tales Of Brave Ulysses

TRANSCRIPCIÓN: jorge umemaru
+INFO: yukinet24@hotmail.com
PAÍS: Inglaterra

Acorde D
Acorde D/C
Acorde D/B
Acorde D/Bb
Acorde D5*5

Acorde A7
Acorde C
Intro: D D/C D/B D/Bb  
D5                     D/C           D/B            D/Bb 
You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, 
D5                     D/C           D/B            D/Bb 
But you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun. 
(guitar echoes bass) 
        D5            D/C           D/B                  D/Bb 
And the colors of the sea blind your eyes with trembling mermaids, 
        D5                 D/C           D/B            D/Bb 
And you touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses: 
        D5              D/C             D/B            D/Bb 
How his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing, 
        D5                     D/C          D/B            D/Bb 
For the sparkling waves are calling you to kiss their white laced lips. 
Instrumental: A7 D C A7 D C 
        D5                  D/C   D/B                D/Bb 
And you see a girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise, 
        D5                  D/C              D/B           D/Bb 
And her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea. 
     D5               D/C           D/B               D/Bb 
And when your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body, 
 D5                D/C           D/B             D/Bb 
Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind. 
Instrumental: A7 D C A7 D C 
     D5          D/C          D/B              D/Bb 
Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a crimson shell, 
        D5               D/C              D/B                D/Bb 
And you know you cannot leave her for you touched the distant sands 
      D5             D/C             D/B                D/Bb 
With tales of brave Ulysses; how his naked ears were tortured 
        D5                  D/C  
By the sirens sweetly singing. 
Instrumental: D5 D/C D/B D/Bb 
     D5          D/C          D/B                 D/Bb 
The tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers, 
        D5               D/C             D/B              D/Bb 
And you want to take her with you to the hard land of the winter. 
Coda: D5 D/C D/B D/Bb
FUENTE: Webs de Acordes

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