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Eric Clapton

Watch Out For Lucy

+INFO: davies@ils.nwu.edu
PAÍS: Inglaterra

Acorde A
Acorde E7
Acorde F#m
Acorde D
Acorde C#7*4

Acorde C#*4

   A    C#7    F#m    D 
   A    E7    A    E7 

Now  A  my friend Bill was just a  D  working lad
And he  C#  liked to have his  D  fun.
He'd like to  A  find a girl and get  E  comfortable
When his  D  working day was  E7  done.

He would  F#m  spend all his money on a  C#7  Friday night,
 D  Wake up in the morning  A  broke,
But he  F#m  had a run in with little  C#7  Lucy then;
Be D lieve me that ain't no  E7  joke.

   A  Watch  C#7  out for  F#m  Lucy,  D 
   A  Though she  C#7  may look  F#m  frail.  D 
  Said, "Ex A cuse me,  C#7  Lucy,
   F#m  Darling don't you  D  use me;
   A  I don't want to  E7  land in  A  jail."

   A    C#7    F#m    D 
   A    E7    A    E7 

She  A  started out working in a  D  cafe,
Picking  C#  money up on the  D  side.
She was  A  free and easy,  E  everybody's friend,
But she  D  couldn't be satis E7 fied.

So now  F#m  in walks Bill with his  C#7  cash in his hand,
His  D  heart upon his  A  sleeve.
We  F#m  tried to warn him a C#7 bout her ways,
We  D  never did suc E7 ceed.


   A    C#7    F#m    D 
   A    E7    A    E7 

Well, the  A  trap was sprung for  D  poor old Bill;
You should have  C#  heard little Lucy  D  sing
"I want a  A  Cadillac car, a  E  beautiful home,
And a  D  thousand dollar  E7  ring."

They  F#m  found our hero in the  C#7  gutter
With a  D  diamond ring and a  A  gun.
He'd  F#m  done it for the love of  C#7  Lucy
And  D  ended up on the  E7  run.

  (Chorus) (x2 veces)

  (Solo on Chorus) (x3 veces)
FUENTE: Webs de Acordes

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