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The Cardigans

Live And Learn

+INFO: hermantino@yahoo.com
PAÍS: Suecia
GENERO: Rock Alternativo

Acorde G
Acorde D
Acorde F#m
Acorde Bb
Acorde Em
Acorde A
G   D   A   D
G   D   A   D

G                   D                          A                        D
I came home in the morning and everything was gone oh what have I done ?
G                    D                  A                   D          G
I drop dead in the hallway cursing the dawn oh come on sun why must I burn ?
D                      A    D
  I'm just trying to learn
G                  D                        A                             D
I stared into the light to kill some of my pain it was all in vain as no senses remain
G                  D                     A
Got an ache in my body and regret on my mind but I'll be fine 'cause

    D           G
I live and I learn
D                    A
  Yes I live and I learn
        D              G
If you live you will learn
D                    F#m
   And I live and I learn...

G  D  A  D

G                  D                     A                                     D
Got kicked in the head and I started a fight 'cause I knew I was right but I learned I was wrong
G               D                     A
I remember a slaughter I remember I fought for the money I brought
         D           G
I got blistered and burnt
D                       A
  And I lost what I'd earnt
        D           Em   D
But I lived and I learnt
                     A   D
Yes I lived and I learnt

Em  D     A     Em
I  got I got It now
Em  D     A     Em
I  got I got It now
  Em       D          A      Em
(She's got, she's got it now)
Em  D     A     Em
I  got I got It now
Em  D     A     Em
I  got I got It now
  Em        D      A      Em   D   A  Bb  A   D
(She's got, she's got it now)

G                D                           A                        D             G
I came to on a corner with some help from a man and god damn I don't seem to have learnt
G                D                A                     D         G
That a lady in need is guilty indeed so I paid and got laid in return
D                               F#m
   And I don't know what I've learnt

          D            G
Well you get what you give
D                     A
  And hell yes I've lived
             D          G
But if you live as you learn
D                     A
I don't think I can learn
             D         G
Oh with the sun in my eyes
 D                      A
Surprise, I'm living a lie
       D             G
But I don't seem to learn
D                        A   D
No I don't think I can learn

G  D  F#m...
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